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We work hard to provide you the best quality CBD oil and beneficial effects

CBD has benefited our lives by relieving anxiety, joint pain reduction, and exercise pains. The quality of products varied so greatly that every time we purchased a CBD product we weren’t sure if it would work. Tasked with this problem we decided that the only way we would get a reliable product that we wanted every time, would be to have our own. We researched many companies before finding one that carried the high quality products that we felt comfortable offering to our own family and friends. We launched Bella Body & Soul with the “soul” purpose of sharing our findings with anyone interested in trying CBD products for themselves.

Our Company

The idea of Bella Body & Soul was born when the founders were looking for alternative treatments, to big pharmas treatment for anxiety and pain. Their research led them to CBD and its many beneficial properties, which extended far beyond anxiety relief. Trying their first CBD product was life altering. Not only did the anxiety disappear completely but a wonderful side effect of pain relief, that had been present for years, also disappeared. They shared their experience with family and friends, and encouraged many of them to also try CBD. What eventually happened was that many of them also began to reap the benefits of CBD. As the founders heard countless stories of their friends and family benefitting from CBD, they knew they had to share these experiences with the world. It was at this point that Bella Body & Soul was born with the purpose of educating and offering quality CBD products to the new consumer.

Bella Body & Soul products come from high quality hemp farms with trace amounts of THC. The CBD is then extracted and infused into a variety of products, which can be consumed, applied topically and is even safe for pet use. We hope you give Bella Body & Soul products a try and  we hope that you discover some of the many benefits we have been fortunate enough to experience. We also hope you find a product that will become a regular part of your health and wellness routine. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have or if you would like to share your story.

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